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Hardware and Software installations by customer

A must-have tool for:
Sales leaders, Marketing director, Alliance/Partner Director, Competitive Intelligence Director; Strategy Director


  • Better plan – Your activities; analyse technology installations at an industry, geography and company level to build better territories.
  • Assess markets – Evaluate the underlying data to obtain early identification of technology growth markets
  • Better target – See which markets, territories and companies are using yours and your competitors’ products
  • Gain an unfair advantage – Build profiles by market seeing where competitors have the strongest and weakest penetration; where they win, see what their customers’ environments look like
  • Identify complementary partners – Analyse who is strong and present in your target markets
  • Increase your win rate – Build prospect lists based on actual products and vendors used at a company level today to build a more qualified pipeline


  • Over two billion unstructured data objects are indexed daily – From across the open Internet, the archived Web and offline resources – including items like B2B social media, case studies, press releases, blog postings, government documents, content libraries, technical support forums, website source code, job postings and much more. We use this data to produce a detailed, accurate census of B2B technology installations in use at companies globally
  • Data is linked with DnB Worldbase – Providing company ownership structures and up to date offices details, revenue and employee data
  • Data is mapped – To structured taxonomies and analysed
  • Data is mapped – To structured taxonomies and analysed
  • Powerful search tools – Allow infinite interrogation across competitors; partners; companies; markets; geographies; and industries dimensions
  • Visualisation tools – For easy data interpretation. See how a customer’s installed base differs by country, see a competitor’s product penetration by country, industry and size band


  • Gold standard company Data – DnB worldbase is integrated
  • Industries Largest Dataset of Installed Data
  • Standards based taxonomies and data
  • Integrated with other Pivotal VIEW solutions (If contracted) – Integration allows for enriched market, company competitor or partner
  • 3D Methodology – Dynamically change currencies and territories so you get the data in a structure you want
  • Visualisation engine – Simplify and speed up the analysis of all installation data
  • 2bn Pages Indexed Daily
  • 34m Product Installations
  • 8,500+ Vendors
  • 170,000 Enterprise ICT Spend Profiles > $50m revenue
  • 155 Provider Markets
  • 22 Industries
  • 220 Countries
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