Custom Services

Empower your business and deliver ICT competitive advantage with bespoke analysis or primary research

Supplement the data available through our provider services supported by a large team with competencies to deliver fully against your need.

Whilst every project is potentially unique, example projects that Pivotal iQ can support your business with include:

Customer Satisfaction Primary Research

Using desk and primary market research to undertake customer satisfaction collection and review to identify sourcing opportunities in target territories or name accounts.

Opportunity identification and Analysis

Using all available views and supported by primary research, our analysts will exploit all available information assets to identify opportunities that best fit your success profile.

Territory reviews

Undertaking a review of your chosen territories to assess opportunity alignment helping you build and refine long and short lists of target prospects.

Prospect profiling and battle cards

Using desk research and databases including SpendView and InstalledView, our analysts will produce structured account profiles and battle cards to an agreed design to enable your sales teams in the field.

Sourcing Contract Analysis

Supported by industry leading contract intelligence, our analysts can undertake outsourcing opportunity analysis helping you identify and prioritise your activities.

Market Modelling Sizing & Forecasts

Using our unique deep data assets, we are able to build accurate sizing and forecast models at a granular level, triangular these to deliver unparalleled accuracy.

Partner Identification and Analysis

Using our best in class tools, our analysts will help you build a picture of which partners are best aligned with your market potential and where there are competing relationships.

Competitor Partner Analysis

Identify which partners your competitors have and in which industry and geographic markets these partners are helping your competitors win business.

Competitor & Partner Tracker

Have our analysts produce for you monthly tracking tools on your competitors and partners activities

Market Research

Supported by a large database of over 10,000+ senior c level+ contacts, we can offer B2B and B2C market research surveys on a global scale through using both in-house capabilities and global partners.

Our Competencies include:

  • Skilled research design, presentation and analysis.
  • Researchers skilled in identifying and engaging senior business figures globally.
  • Expert interviewers who understand the market.
  • Interviewers experienced in using elicitation interview techniques.
  • Researchers with Market Research Association qualifications in research practice and ethics.
  • Detailed summaries, transcripts or recordings.
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