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To deliver sourcing intelligence on global markets requires a breadth of intelligence at granular levels. Supply and demand side activities must be tracked and integrated if intelligence is to be truly actionable and predictive.

Pivotal iQ - Our world in numbers
2bn Pages Indexed Daily

Over 2bn pages of digitised online and offline content are indexed daily  to produce the richest installed base data available.

40,000 Contracts

Over 40,000 sourcing contracts are captured, analysed and coded so you know the sourcing position of your customers.

170,000 Enterprise Spending Profiles

We have built 170,000+ ICT budget and installation profiles to cover every major public company above $25m globally.

8,500 Vendors

We track over 8,500 vendors, capturing their supply, partnering and customer activities to help you better partner and compete.

600,000 Companies

With ICT installation data on over 1m company locations, we know who is using what and where.

34m Product Installations

Over 34m Software and Hardware installations are captured to help you better engage with your customers.

10m Announcements

We capture and analyse over 10m supply side announcements so we don’t miss a single provider activity. Essential if you want to identify partner opportunities or better compete.

115m Data Verifications

ICT Installations are verified giving you the confidence that customers are using exactly what we say.

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