White Papers

Dynamic Data Transformation: The New Approach

By Tim Royston-Webb  – January 2017


By transforming data dynamically, data can be remapped to better interface with other data sets or client processes. Now this sounds quite technical but what does this actually mean in real terms?

Revisiting the Death of Outsourcing

By Andrew Burgess  – January 2017


Back in 2013, I wrote about the imminent ‘death of outsourcing’. By this I meant that outsourcing would no longer be seen as an explicit practice – it would be absorbed into the ‘business as usual’ activities of IT strategies and transformation plans. Since then many of the changes that I predicted have come to fruition.

Predictive Sales Enablement

By Tim Royston-Webb –  January 2017


‘Sales Enablement’ has become ‘the’ catchphrase over the last 2 or 3 years, with academics, advisors, consultancies all queuing up to define yet another industry term, associated processes and revenue streams.

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