Pivotal iQ takes a philanthropic approach

Pivotal iQ takes a philanthropic approach

WealthView aids charities to better identify high net-worth donors

London, UK, 24 January 2017 (Pivotal iQ media centre) – Pivotal iQ, the leader in sourcing intelligence announced today the launch of WealthView, the new Big Data toolset to aid charities better identify the beliefs and values of high net-worth individuals.

Tapping into the worlds largest and most granular collection of global B2B intelligence data, WealthView uses Pivotal iQs market leading intelligence gathering methodologies and technologies that allow for the filtering of vast volumes of public announcements, to give charities an unparalleled level of insight on high-net worth individuals, insight that is invaluable for achieving greater success with donor contributions and philanthropic targets.

High net-worth individuals are often very sophisticated when it comes to deciding the charities they wish to support. Therefore, when approaching potential donors, charities must get the balance right between the level of philanthropy sought and their emotional drivers. WealthView enables charities targeting these individuals a depth of insight to help them clearly understand donor expectations; donor interests; beliefs and values.

For the first time charities are able to track and profile in real-time UK-based high net-worth individuals who have recently had a large influx of wealth.

WealthView provides the answers to a charity’s most important questions:

  • How do I identify potential donors who have accessible wealth to increase the number of major donations we receive?
  • How can I be more proactive in expanding my network of supporters and overall donations?
  • What can I do to be more targeted and efficient with regards to reaching out to the right people at the right time to improve my success rate?

“I am pleased that Pivotal iQs predictive sales enablement toolsets can be applied in this way to help donors and charities better connect in an optimum and timely way,” said Pivotal iQ CEO Tim Royston-Webb. “Successful targeted campaigns requires charities to find and engage the most relevant potential donors possible. Pivotal iQ along with Signia Weath a Wealth Investment company are both subsidising WealthView as together we believe it will be an invaluable tool for helping charities to further boost their donor pools.”

Echoing this sentiment, Signia Wealth CEO, Carnegie Smyth said, “We are delighted to help fund this incredible resource to help selected charities attract donors”.

For more information about WealthView from Pivotal iQ, please email media.enquiries@pivotal.iQ

About Pivotal iQ
Pivotal iQ provides deep sourcing intelligence and diagnostic tools on and for the ICT industry, analyzing the industries supply and purchasing activities to identify points of significant business value for enterprise companies and the providers that serve them. Using Big Data principals and the latest technologies we are now able to provide you with the best view in the market of your customers and prospects ICT sourcing activities. Real predictive sales enablement is at last possible. Our tools allow you to better understand the customer environment before you make that call by understanding what they spend, what they have purchased, what has been outsourced and their budget position.

Founded by a team of professionals widely recognised as the founders of sourcing intelligence, Pivotal iQ provides a suite of sourcing intelligence solutions to boost the decision-making capacity of enterprises, ICT companies and BPO vendors. Our mission is to change the way sourcing intelligence is received and applied. Learn more at http://www.pivotal.iQ

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