Pivotal iQ announces the inclusion of Artificial Intelligence and NLP to its incumbent market leading tools

Pivotal iQ announces the inclusion of Artificial Intelligence and NLP to its incumbent market leading tools

AI delivers increasing quality and accuracy to Pivotal iQs predictive intelligence toolsets

London, UK, 31 January 2017 (Pivotal iQ media centre) – Pivotal iQ, the leader in sourcing intelligence announced today that artificial intelligence (AI) technology and Natural Language Processing (NLP) have both been incorporated into its research processes.

For some time Pivotal iQ has been deploying the latest techniques and technologies to bring high quality predictive intelligence to our clients. AI and NLP is now being used within the research process for ICT installations to identify and classify product information presented on websites and buried in unstructured documents.

AI and NLP allow for large volumes of data and content on ICT Installations to be identified, classified and fed to analysts for quality checking, review and analysis. When AI is used in parallel with best in class methods, and analyst resources, quality and accuracy have been shown to increase significantly.

“For some time we have been using language processing and machine logic to build unstructured data sets, preferring to use human resources to classify and categorise content to ensure accuracy and quality,” said Pivotal iQ CEO Tim Royston-Webb. “Now the introduction of artificial intelligence within our research process will help improve accuracy and quality of content throughout the content production cycle. Whilst we are committed to having the largest coverage of ICT markets, decisions taken on our intelligence demand the utmost quality and accuracy. This development is an additional step on our continued journey to be the best in class sourcing intelligence company”

For more information about Artificial Intelligence enabled predictive intelligence toolsets from Pivotal iQ, please email media.enquiries@pivotal.iQ

About Pivotal iQ
Pivotal iQ provides deep sourcing intelligence and diagnostic tools on and for the ICT industry, analyzing the industries supply and purchasing activities to identify points of significant business value for enterprise companies and the providers that serve them. Using Big Data principals and the latest technologies we are now able to provide you with the best view in the market of your customers and prospects ICT sourcing activities. Real predictive sales enablement is at last possible. Our tools allow you to better understand the customer environment before you make that call by understanding what they spend, what they have purchased, what has been outsourced and their budget position.

Founded by a team of professionals widely recognised as the founders of sourcing intelligence, Pivotal iQ provides a suite of sourcing intelligence solutions to boost the decision-making capacity of enterprises, ICT companies and BPO vendors. Our mission is to change the way sourcing intelligence is received and applied. Learn more at http://www.pivotal.iQ

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