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Sourcing Intelligence Redefined

ICT sourcing Intelligence for the enterprise buyer

In today’s complex ICT environment, enterprise specifiers and buyers have a difficult task.
With over 5000 major providers and tens of thousands of products and services available to ICT buyers, we believe the enterprise needs today intelligence that provides it with the ability to learn from the sourcing activities of others.

Imagine a toolset that allows you to see by peer group the vendor choices made, the satisfaction seen, what has been outsourced and to whom over what period and price. We call this innovative approach, sourcing intelligence refined.

Pivotal iQ has created deep data sets using the latest technologies and methods to deliver a deeper and more accurate view on the industries supply and procurement activities than ever before.

Fact based insights to inform and de-risk your sourcing decisions

Benchmark your spending – See software, hardware and services spend averages across 22 spending classes opportunities

Learn from the sourcing experiences of others:

  • See how spending patterns differ across industries and locations
  • See what is being outsourced and to whom for your industry
  • Participate in customer satisfaction ratings on major outsourcing service providers
  • See what software and service vendors, are being selected by your peer
    group across your industry
  • Build better long and short lists of suppliers and products for each technology or service category

De-risk your sourcing – Follow the activities of over 5000 ICT providers so you can identify any activities that could impact your ongoing procurement choices

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