AT&T helps Danieli transform its global metal business for the digital world

AT&T helps Danieli transform its global metal business for the digital world

AT&T helps Danieli transform its global metal business for the digital worldIT Intelligence Bulletin (Pivotal iQ) — AT&T will provide Danieli with global networking services that include SD-WAN and AT&T FlexWareSM. 

Danieli is a global supplier of equipment and physical manufacturing plants to the metal industry. The deal will connect Danieli’s global sites across Asia, Europe and the US, including its headquarters in Buttrio, north-east Italy.  Danieli will move from a multi-supplier and partially managed network to a managed global network with edge-to-edge capabilities, managed by AT&T.

“As we continue to expand in Asia and the U.S., we are focused on our digital transformation. We need to manage the complexity of the steel and metals market and take advantage of technological innovation, to better serve our customers. That’s why communication, collaboration and global network services are key for us to innovate and transform into the future,” said Danieli’s Executive Vice President ICT, Alexander Stewart.

Stewart continued, “After a comprehensive supplier selection, we chose AT&T.  Our objective is to continuously innovate providing our customers with state-of-the art services.  It’s essential for our growth. It’s why we are excited about AT&T’s flexible and innovative software-defined global network services; they match our vision of continuous transformation.”

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This is the first time Danieli has worked with AT&T which will deliver a highly secure and flexible global network to Danieli’s 10,000+ employees across 39 countries. At the heart of the solution is AT&T’s FlexWare intelligent edge solution.  AT&T will use its expertise, global scale and vision to bring together innovative networking solutions such as AT&T FlexWare, network function virtualization, SD-WAN and VPN in a highly secure environment.

“Our vision is to help businesses be more efficient, process more data and run more applications than ever before. That’s why we are bringing global networking solutions to multi-national companies like Danieli, with services that integrate near seamlessly in the digital world, from edge to edge,” said AT&T Region President for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, John Vladimir Slamecka.


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