Our Big Data Difference

Deep Data Dynamically Delivered – This is our goal and mantra. Using the latest techniques, we develop large data assets on the supply and purchasing activities of the ICT industry and transform them into actionable information to deliver business advantage. Our unique big data approach will help you to uncover the subtleties and previously hidden activities that point the way to real new business opportunities. Opportunities that remain hidden to your competitors.

Over 25-years at the forefront of sourcing intelligence has proven to us that effective decision making is based on harvesting precise and timely information. Critical insight from big data via our patented sourcing intelligence tools can make all the difference and truly unlock your business potential.

The intelligence sector to date has provided too narrow a view of market opportunities largely due to an inability to fully synergise critical data into actionable intelligence. Data is often of poor quality, is badly structured and not dynamic so often doesn’t fit well into a companies business process further constraining what value can be derived.

Pivotal iQ® has found a solution to these and many more issues that have long been an issue in the intelligence industry.

We call it 4D Data – Deep data dynamically delivered

Pivotal iQ - Our Big Data Difference
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