Sourcing Intelligence Redefined – Pivotal iQ® provides deep sourcing intelligence and diagnostic tools on and for the ICT industry, analyzing the industry’s supply and purchasing activities to identify points of significant business value for enterprise companies and the providers that serve them.

Founded by a team of professionals widely recognised as the founders of sourcing intelligence, Pivotal iQ® provides a suite of sourcing intelligence solutions to boost the decision-making capacity of enterprises, ICT companies and BPO vendors.

Our mission is to change the way sourcing intelligence is received and applied.

How We Help Our Clients

Deep Data – Pivotal iQ® offers intelligence on over 9 million product installations, over 30,000 sourcing contracts and over 2 million individual ICT markets, across 186 countries and 22 industries.

Whilst the breadth of our data is unparalleled, data volume is not solely what differentiates us or makes us unique.

Dynamically Delivered – Data is in its natural state just that, data. Pivotal iQ® brings you a suite of tools that make it easy for you to transform our deep data into intelligence that is perfect for your business, with delivery in a form that fits into your process straight away. For too long we have seen companies spending days trying to shoehorn intelligence to fit their process definitions. At Pivotal iQ® we align our data to your process as you are the customer not us. We call this unique approach ‘dynamic delivery’.

Dynamic delivery saves time and allows for the agile application of intelligence bringing our customers significant additional competitive advantage to help them win more deals and better compete.

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